There is a difference between a network engineer and a network administrator. One help in building up the whole networking along with repairing it while the other work on supporting and managing it. However, when the name network architect pops up then work is altered since it works with the designing and planning part of communication and data network. This makes network architecture goes to the Cisco design track that allows them to fulfill the basic responsibilities of his work.
What is the CISCO CCDA?
It is a type of certification that works in the direction of the environment of the network. Hence, it helps the network architects to know the availability, performance, scalability, etc. of the whole Network Architecture process. The Cisco CCDA certification helps an individual to know the updated process of validation and building up.
Learning Approach for CISCO CCDA Certification
This type of certification allows an individual to clear his/her concepts on WAN and LAN networks along with other designing networks such as intranets.
It also gives an insight on implementation and research techniques that are used for the software network. This helps in monitoring and drivers of the drivers.
The Cisco CCDA training videos and e-learning content helps with the CTO work that helps in easily achieving the company’s goal. In the disastrous world of the network where things can change rapidly, it might be difficult to achieve the whole process at once. But with right training one can overcome such issue.
The Voice over Internet protocol is another important aspect that is covered up in the training and certification process. It is used in the telecommunications system that allows an easy flow of work.
The evaluation and testing phase is covered up by the CCDA CISCO certification that allows the maximum performance along with the working up of the redesign and adjustment of the appliance network.

It is essential to have the skills such as critical thinking, leadership and even the written and verbal skills to have easy command on the whole networking process.

The CISCO CCDA Boot-camp is also a valid option to prepare for the Cisco Design track certification aspirants. There are so many job profiles that one can watch out for after the completion of the CISCO CCDA Certification exam with handsome salaries. The major job opening is in the sector of:

  • Network Administrator
  • Network Engineer
  • Cisco Network Engineer
  • Network Architect:
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Cisco Network Architect
  • IT Security Systems Architect
  • Chief Network Architect
Final Words
The most lucrative part associated with Cisco Design Track is it's salary, which usually attracts the audience in terms of working. However, it also has a set future that makes people bend towards it and work on this flow gradually. This type of work helps in steadily working on the network and even encourages the certified candidates to explore more of its aspects. The computer science engineer usually opts for such certification after their graduation to add value to the whole degree.