Are you a BI professional and feel that you are not getting the desired growth? Well, in that case, try upgrading your competency to Power BI.
Microsoft Power BI is a well-renowned business intelligence platform that provides business users with tools for visualizing, analyzing, aggregating and sharing data. Power BI visual interface is fairly similar to the MS-Excel and those familiar with that makes them upfront in Microsoft Power BI Training.
A free version of Power BI is intended for midsize and small business whereas the professional version Power BI plus is available for monthly subscription fees. Users can download both desktop and the native version of the application. There is also a report version of Power BI just to maintain the report server for the companies.

Common Uses for Power BI

The Microsoft BI is used to find insights on the organizational data. The Power BI has the power to transform clean data into graphs and charts which are visually appealing and then that can be shared by the required stakeholders. Power BI can provide executive dashboards for managers and administrators giving more control into the data.

Microsoft Power BI Certification

Power BI is quickly gaining popularity among the IT professionals in data science and as a cloud-based service. The exam 20-778 Analyzing and Visualizing data with Power BI is a certification conducted by Microsoft to test your competency in Power BI

Skills measured in the 70-778 examination

The below skills are measured in the Microsoft Power BI Certification
  1. Transforming and consuming data by Power BI desktop
  2. Visualizing and Modeling data
  3. Cleanse data
For passing the exam there are great resources online to refer. The Online Microsoft Power BI Certification Training from Microsoft is very popular and covers in-depth knowledge and will surely help the candidates to clear the exam successfully.

Why Business Intelligence professional can’t afford to miss the Microsoft Power BI Certification?

Business intelligence is the key to be efficient, competitive and agile in today’s technology-driven market. As the businesses develop it becomes more and more difficult to manage data. This creates a major block in the data-driven industry that uses data to analyze and take a major decision. By using the correct analytical tool the enterprises make correct decisions and enhance their conclusions.
According to indeed, the average salary of a Microsoft Power BI professional is from $52,610 per year for Data Specialist to $92,768 per year for Business Intelligence Developer, which is very competitive.
As discussed above Power BI is a cloud-based analytical tool which can transform data effectively. Getting certified in Power BI not only help to boost your career but also makes you an asset in the organization as you will be able to perform the below tasks like:
  • Data transformation using Power BI desktop – This includes connecting to data sources, cleaning and transforming the data.
  • Visualizing and modeling data – This skill gives you the power of optimizing data models and managing custom report solutions and data.
  • Configuring Apps, reports and dashboard using Power BI service – This features helps you to configure a dashboard embed reports and publish it. Also, you will be able to add security features to the dashboard.
  • Extracting business intelligence swiftly and precisely – It helps in the transformation of the organizational data into rich visuals. Thus BI helps to make superior decision making.
  • No specialized technical support – Power BI is an agile analytical tool which doesn’t need technical support. It supports rich natural language interface and is a great graphical designer tool.
  • No speed and memory limitations – A sturdy cloud environment makes the Power BI a great speed and memory platform. This warranties data to be quickly analyzed and retrievable.

Final Words

Summarizing all the above points, it is proved that gaining certification in Power BI is totally worth. Certification is a great way of proving your competency and necessary skills. If you have a background of BI then going for this certification can help to move your career to the next level. So, Get Microsoft Power BI Certified and take a leap towards a great career ahead.